The Countryside. :)


Woah Matt, what the actual fuck? The countryside, have you been taking something questionable? Well a decent answer to that would be, apart from a wonderful stroll through fields of outer Bicester, no!

In my discussion today, which to my displeasure have been notably less frequent than the past few, I will be having a little talk about the countryside, and how wonderful it is.

The other day myself and a few “home dogs” took a stroll around a ‘public footpath‘. After venturing deeper and deeper into forests and fields full of livestock, we found it to be a joyous experience of adventure and it satisfied curiosities whilst promoting it all the more. In other words, it was fantastic.

As much as some would disagree that walking through tons of puddles and mud that is nearing a foot deep is fun, in the company of my just-as-retarded (okay maybe not quite) friends, I thought the country side was nice. It was nice, it was pretty nice. So apart from the fact the countryside was nice, here is a high resolution image of my instagrammed sock at a focus of about 7mm.



The shit part of YouTube.


Okay so I’ve just spent the best part of three hours writing a draft for only half of my essay on Shakespeare, and it’s been an annoyance to say the least. But one of the next things on the list of stuff to do tonight was to write a blog post that was perhaps a little more substantial than the previous one about Uranus, which personally I do find quite interesting – but that’s just me. Today’s rant, again from the depths of absolute boredom, is about the shit part of YouTube.

So basically, 99% of you will probably know what I’m talking about when I say, a lot of YouTube is just utter tripe. In an attempt to amuse myself, last night I spent the best of what would be 2 hours searching YouTube for something decent to watch. To be fair, I found a few decent things (How to get away with stealing, and a dodgy/creepy as fuck PS3 advert), but the rest was just so abysmal it’s unreal. So I’d like to dedicate a half hour of my time writing a blog post about the shit bits of YouTube, how to spot them, and best of all, avoid them.

Obviously my perception of shit will be a little bit (but hopefully not much) different to yours, so some things I mention you might like instead, if so, that’s cool. But one of the first things on my list that I’d really like to point out, is the completely excessive number of “let’s plays” on the internet. The general idea, is that if you record these videos, you are recording yourself play a video game with a running commentary by yourself, a few friends, or sometimes even no commentary at all. What’s the fucking point? Alright, watching a few videos on Tobuscus’ games channel, or watching the yogscast run through a few tekkit snippets is highly amusing. But most of the let’s play videos on YouTube aren’t nearly as good as those. I do not want to watch some random kid such as myself, with average skill, mediocre comedic value, and an annoying voice and microphone, talk about how amazing the game he is playing is. It’s just not fucking fun. The difference between a shit video and a good one, is the good video has content that is worth watching and keeps your attention, you can play a game, have an entertaining commentary, decent audio quality and nice editing, and it will constitute to a great experience, but with a mere recording and crappy overlay (microphone buzz is highly shit, stop buzzing please), why waste space on YouTube’s servers to keep these many hundreds of episodes uploaded that get maybe 10 views each at most.

The video above is in German, so it’s funny listening to them speak (I adore german voices, it’s hilarious), but ultimately the video is so boring, if it were in English, I’d have thumbs downed that shit like it was a hot iron bar.I do not mean to offend anybody who does these “let’s play”s? If you enjoy doing what you do, then that’s wonderful, but please bear in mind that the large majority of YouTube viewers actually couldn’t give a shit about it. And so, the rant continues.

Next up on the list of shit YouTube, is those crappy amateur nightcore videos. This mainly consists of 11-12 year old girl’s channels who have accidentally opened their older sibling’s torrented Sony Vegas and discovered the pitch shift features. The result, is a really strange sped up version of a tune, sometimes Pop, sometimes dance. They sound annoying and whilst I am generally open to those types of music, it offers so value to me what so ever! There isn’t much else to say about nightcore, sometimes people pick interesting songs to shift, and the result is admirable, but in most cases, it’s a crappy song, shifted so that it sounds even worse, then some sentimental anime picture slideshow is whipped into the mix.

Here is an example of this shit.

The original version of the above video was nice, but what is this chipmunk shit? FUCK THIS WHAT THE FUCK. Type in Nightcore, sort by upload date, and you’ll see the amount of crap that comes up. About 20% of it is worth listening to, but I can’t vouch for it being an improvement on the original song, which proposes the question. Why bother?

Well next on my list is the videos that claim to be funny, when they are incredibly annoying. You’ve probably seen lots of these videos. They usually come in the form of horrible music, boring past-their-time gifs, and really crappy Movie Maker editing. The dislike bar is the only interesting thing about most of these videos. Yes, “If you laugh, you lose”. I’m sorry, if I wanted not to laugh, I would avoid thinking about the arrangement of the video, because if anything, that’s the funniest joke. Take a look if you dare, the music will probably deter you, oh, and hit the dislike button on your way out. Thank you!

So I think I should leave my rant for today here. The morale of this post would be, avoid clicking on this shit. You’ve seen some examples, you’ve seen how trashy they are. Enjoy your life! Once again, thank you beautiful people for reading my blog post.



First of all, before I start rambling away – I’d like to apologise for the lack of activity over the past two days, I have been ludicrously tired, and on-top of a sizeable amount of homework, had to bear with what seems to be a pretty nasty cold. But now my brain works (for the most part) again I should be able to at least talk about something, even if it is utter trash. You’d probably read it anyway. 🙂

But no, personally I’ve found planets interesting. The sheer size of them makes my pants fill with excrement, but ultimately they are interesting. In this particular article I want to talk about Uranus. Apart from being used in cheap jokes, there is not much known about this planet, which is ashame – but I think it’s worth explaining what I know already, so you beautiful people can feel intellectual and enlightened. Alternatively, if you choose not to read this post, then sure, but you don’t get the intellectual status, sorry.

Well let’s get into the core of it then. More specifically, Uranus’ core. Lot’s of people mistake planets to all have surfaces on the inside of them that is made of earth, maybe without water, but ultimately earth that we know as dirt. This just ain’t the case, take Jupiter for example. It’s huge, the biggest object in our solar system apart from the Sun, and consists mainly of Hydrogen (~89%) and Helium (~10%) in the upper atmosphere, but it still has a core, it isn’t just a huge swirling ball of gas. Uranus is similar, whilst being arguably the prettiest planet in the solar system – it has a surface of ice and rock, and an atmosphere similar to that of Jupiters, but with water supposedly making up the lowest layer of clouds.


The planet is beautiful, to some extents also scary, but mostly just beautiful. But the planet is also very strange, and unique compared to the other planets in our solar system. Here are just a few facts about Uranus that you might find interesting:

  • Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system, reaching temperatures as low as -224°C.
  • Uranus rotates on it’s side, where most planet’s equators are, meaning it’s south pole is pointing towards earth.
  • The pale blue colour is the result of the methane in the atmosphere, methane absorbs red light.
  • So far, it is discovered that Uranus has a whopping 27 moons.
  • A day on Uranus is shorter than a day on earth’s, but a year is a whopping 84 years!
  • Even with it’s huge size, the gravity is less than that of Earth’s, meaning you’d be able to jump higher than on Earth, if your legs could withstand the cold.

Most would say this planet was boring, and astronomers were dissapointed to say the least when they found that the seventh planet was just a pale ball in 1781.

That’s pretty much it from me today, but I’ll leave you with one last image – an artists prediction of the atmosphere inside Uranus. It might not be the most accurate (though it has the moons and the rings correct to a certain degree), but it’s at least pretty to look at. Goodbye beautiful people.

Shut up and take my money!


So the other day I came across something that will definitely rustle your jimmies if you haven’t heard about it before. I’ve always been fascinated by printers (an odd obsession of mine), printing stuff is the shit. But I’ve always thought it would be cool if you could print proper objects, not just pretty stuff onto a piece of paper. It’s already been done though….

Now supposedly 3D printing in mainstream use, has been around since around 2003. That’s 9 years that I’ve been fascinated by printers, but never knew about printers that could print 3 dimensional objects. But first, let me explain what 3D printing is and how it works, then we can watch some videos of it in action (how cool).

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is the process of making an object through artificial modelling on the computer. It typically involves firing some form of matter (usually heated plastic filament) onto a resistant board much like a conventional printer, but in layers just like a prism. Because of the way it prints, it’s often referred to as additive manufacturing. With 3D printers, you can essentially scan in objects in the real world using laser based surveyors, and print them creating effectively a plastic clone of the object, which you can paint however you like. Personally, this is fucking awesome and I want one.

You’re probably thinking they’re expensive, well they are. But not so much that you can’t afford one to have in your home if you’re enthusiastic about it. I’ve found a nice video of a project from formlabs, which has received 13 times the funding they required to get the project going, and I think the video is pretty extraordinary. Sit back and enjoy the video!

I think it’s just magnificent, but what about you? If you could print one thing with a 3D printer, what would it be? Leave a comment in the comments section, and thank you for reading yet another one of my blog posts!

Makeup, Fakeup.


Right this is bad. I’m probably treading on really thin ground talking about this, but it’s always been something that’s confused me and quite honestly I don’t give a shit if you disagree, but do be a fine individual and explain to me why the fuck you’d disagree with me in the comments section. 🙂 Thank you.

Anyhow, ha, bit of an aggressive introduction but I come today to bring a topic that really is a little important to me, as it seems a bit of a weird thing. So to hell with it I’m going to jump right in. If you’re a girl and you’re reading this, try not to be offended when I refer to ‘you’, I mean in general, that’s just how I talk, I’m not actually specifically referring to you, the reader.

Why on earth do girls usually see a need to wear so much makeup? First of all, I’ll be frank, makeup is disgusting. It’s gross cosmetic shit that’s just stuffed full of chemicals that for some reason, is thought to be attractive when piled onto your face? Well it’s not, sorry. I don’t really understand why it’s seen to be a necessity that girls wear makeup before they go out. I live in a household where I am the only male, so I know firsthand the confusion of makeup, heck I’ve even been a little weird and put some on myself for the lulz. (Fuck, I didn’t say that) I’m not one to have a point of view and not consider the alternative reasoning for it. I understand that it could be a confidence thing, that girls aren’t happy with their natural appearance and believe they have to wear “natural” toned makeup (WTF?) to make themselves feel more beautiful. but it’s not REAL beauty, it’s not what you REALLY look like and it never will be, so why fake?

I see girls post all sorts of emotional trash, take the following for example.


This is an example of those fucking stupid tumblr ‘quotes’ accompanied by some hipster modified photograph trying to be sentimental in some way or another. This is the kinda thing I see girls online squee over and call cute, when fair enough, if it floats your boat, set to sea, do that shit. But REALLY? A man is to be honest if he is to be wanted, perhaps girls should be honest in the sense that when she presents herself in front of a man, she is too being honest in what she is showing him, not some fake explosion of makeup. I could even go so far as to say the picture above is flawed too, the girl is wearing nail polish, unless her finger has bled to perfection and finished off with some sort of glossy finish, those aren’t natural colours for fingers. A bit ridiculous and extreme, I said that more with the purpose of being a pompous twat than actual reasonable argument, but the idea still remains. Honesty applies to what you look like too. I’d be terrified if I were with someone and they looked pretty, then found out a day later, that behind the makeup, they look like a dogs dinner.

Okay… that’s perhaps not going to help with the confidence argument, but some are prettier than others and you should aim to be attractive in your personality, not what you look like. And trust me, turning up to meet someone 2 hours late because you were putting on makeup, doesn’t make your personality very appealing AT ALL.

Perhaps I’m being a bit unfair, I don’t know. But I seriously don’t understand why makeup is so important, sure to some it might just be a bit of fun, getting dolled up making yourself look different – if I were a girl I understand it’d be fun, but I wouldn’t treat it with the same seriousness I see my sister give, that’s not fun, that’s seeing makeup as a requirement when it’s just not. Being natural and presenting yourself as who you really are, even if it means walking outside without a drop of makeup on, makes you ten times more attractive than a plateful of powder. I know very well that it’s a girls choice to do what she wants with her appearance, I respect that, but it’s the twisted reasoning behind it that hurts me, because sometimes I think that girls do it because they think most guys want to see it, that’s probably not true.

I probably share the same views as a large majority of the male population, and the males that would disagree, well they’re likely the twats that girls seem to so keenly end up with, regardless of how often they fantasize about how they want an honest and loving man.

What do you think anyway? Please leave a comment in response to this entry and tell me what you think, and if you’re a girl please tell me why you wear makeup if you do, I want to keep an open mind on the matter. I’ll leave you with this fake and fugly picture of Lady Gaga that really is just gross. Apart from the obvious airbrushing, I don’t want to know the amount of shit that would be all over my finger if I accidentally touched her face – thank god there’s no chance of that happening!


Why hate pandas so much?


This post is a discussion.

So a very popular game that I’ve been playing a lot recently has been subject to pretty fucking grim levels of hate. You’ve probably heard of it, and if you haven’t.. well either you don’t really play video games, or you’re just a plain idiot. But I fail to see what isn’t so attractive about rolling around as a panda in the beautifully crafted new worlds with so many new features so explore. That’s right, if you haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. This is where you stop reading if this doesn’t interest, as with everything else on my blog – you don’t really know what I’m going to talk about next, so enjoy what you can. Well before we get started, you should scroll down the bottom of this post and set playing the soundtrack, it might help develop some new views on the game. 😛

Onto the main topic. Why hate pandas so much? Or more specifically, what is it that puts people off the game so much? I can understand if MMORPGs aren’t your thing, or you have another popular game that you dedicate your time to, but overall what is the big deal?

What is World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is on online role playing game, where you create and play a character of your chosen race and class. Your class is something that defines what abilities you have. For example, the warrior uses heavy armour and weapon based abilities. Mages use magic spells and tricks. When you join the game, you start at level one, and as you play and complete missions, more content becomes available to you. At level 20, you can have your first mount, which is a ridable companion that allows you to cross distances at a greater speed (such as a horse, or a giant turtle) and as you progress through the game, venturing through beautifully designed areas that are very diverse – you can start attempting more difficult challenges which require good co-operation with multiple other players.

What is the most recent expansion, Mists of Pandaria?

Overall, World of Warcraft can be a very fun game, but the recent expansion has received a lot of hate. In the expansion, Mists of Pandaria, a lot of new content has been added to the game. This includes the new playable race, the Pandaren.

They are short folk, roughly 4-5 foot in height and resemble pandas (funnily enough). Along with the new playable race, a new playable class has been added that ties in nicely with the panda race, that being the Monk. Now you’re probably already starting to jump on the bandwagon by thinking, this sounds too much like Kung-Fu Panda.

Apart from the race/class additions, many other changes have also been made, and tons more new features added. Players can now venture through an entirely new content called “Pandaria”, which allows them to complete cleverly arranged mission chains to get to the newly raised level 90. Many new dungeons have been added (5-player encounters), and raids (10-25 player encounters) have also been added, along with 2 new battlegrounds (player versus player gameplay). Not only that, players can now pass the time by doing something different, this is the new Pet Battle feature. Much like Pokémon, you can capture various pets throughout the world, and train them to fight in mini-game like battles with other players in the world, and other wild pets, there are over 300 different vanity pets in the game, each with unique abilities.

All of these nice updates make the game a much more joyous experience, and being a player that has been on and off with WoW for nearly 7 years, I find the most recent expansion to be quite the addition. Yet there is so much hate and dislike towards this expansion and I’d like to explain why.

Why is there so much hate?

It has been known for a long time before the release that a large majority of players criticised the game for ‘copying’ the motion picture, Kung-Fu Panda. This is due to the resemblance in character design in game, and in the movie. It is perhaps true that the expansion was to some extent inspired by Kung-Fu panda, but the game by no means copied the ideas. The Warcraft series has been around since the early nineties, and the pandaren race is so exception. They had a different appearance in Warcraft III, but were included in the game (released long before Kung-Fu panda) and lore involving the Pandaren have been in the book series for a long while aswell. So this argument doesn’t hold much footing. The below image is taken from Warcraft 3, it shows a Pandaren brewmaster in play, Brewmaster is one of three specializations you can choose when you play the Monk class in Mists of Pandaria.

Apart from the criticism involving Kung-Fu panda, the expansion has also had bad reception due to the whole idea being considered ‘childish’ and ‘moronic’. First of all, that’s just an opinion – whilst to some it could be a valid argument, some would also say that it doesn’t hold much power as it’s a video game.

Finally, another argument was, the changes in World of Warcraft have made the game undesirable, too easy and ultimately boring compared to other similar games out there such as Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republci and The Secret World (which failed miserably IMHO). The game has been around for nearing on 8 years since it’s release in the dawn of 2005, changes are to be expected since the game needs to progress to keep people interested. Some of the changes might be undesirable, the talent reworking (again) might make people too tired to adjust. Perhaps the zones aren’t your style or you don’t want to work to be on top again. They are poor excuses for not giving it a go.

So I decided at the very least to point out a few reasons why I love the Mists of Pandaria expansion, and why you should too!

Why Mists of Pandaria is awesome.

The Zones

In Mists of Pandaria, 8 new zones have been added to the game. The Pandaren Isles (85-90 zones), and the Wandering Isles (Pandaren starting zone). The zones are visually stunning and have a very unique feel about them. The music that plays in the zones is spectacular and you can easily lose track of time when journeying through them. The below image is a map of the Pandaren Isles located in the southern sea of Azeroth (the World of Warcraft world). The Isles used to be concealed in Mists to protect themselves from the dangers of the outside world, but with the fall of their land becoming increasingly likely, they have begun to rely on the Alliance and the Horde to keep their faction and lands strong and prominent.

The Monk Class

I absolutely adore the new class, it’s one of the most fun classes I’ve played yet in World of Warcraft. The mechanics of the class are exciting and different to what we’re used to seeing, it feels like a mix between a rogue and paladin, with very fun magical elements available in the different specialization trees. The class itself is also very aesthetically pleasing to play. When you play a monk, you gain an ability at level 5 which allows you to roll forwards, gaining a sizeable distance in a few moments. Below is a screenshot of a low level Monk I was playing, questing in the Wandering Isles. You can see the detail in the zone quite well.

Pet Battles

The new pet battles feature is fun and exciting and proves a valuable experience when not questing or fighting. With this new feature, you can capture small pets that can fight in pet duels, where each participant uses three captured pets to fight until all of your opponents pets have been reduced to zero hit points. The pet battle system reminds a lot of Pokémon, but these pets can be caged and sold on the auction house, so it proves helpful and ties in nicely with the world, and gives you something to do with those previously useless vanity pets that you accumulated for the sake of it. Below is a screenshot of a pet battle in action.

The Music

This is a part of the game you don’t usually see mentioned in many reviews, especially World of Warcraft. But I have to say the music in Mists of Pandaria is absolutely beautiful. It might be a little biased of me to say that, because it has a very oriental feel to it (why not, it’s an asian themed race) and really does suit the game nicely. As I have been levelling throughout the various zones in the game, I have found the background music to be hypnotizing to say the least, the arrangement is stunning and it deserves more attention than it gets. But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself.

I know this has been a very long post, but the game deserves every moment I’ve spent writing about it. I hope if you didn’t like Mists of Pandaria, that you’d at least give the new Pandaren race a try, you can play for free up to level 20. Apart from that, thanks for reading yet another one of my blog posts and I hope that you continue to be the beautiful person that you are for coming here! 😛

A country you never knew existed…


Hello beautiful people. Bit of a strange topic today on this.. but fuck it.

I was doing the usual surf on the internet (yeah, shirt off, board up, hitting the waves – was I fuck, I searched for content to post on this blog). I came across a few things that I thought were quite interesting, but what actually interested me the most was not what I searched for, but when I was looking at the stats for this blog, I saw that we had a visitor from a country I didn’t even know existed. I live and was brought up in the UK, so my knowledge of central America isn’t as good as it could be, but the E in my geography exam means my geography is pretty top notch. (HAHA)

But more onto the point, this wonderful little place I strolled upon whilst looking at the stats, is Honduras.

What the hell is Honduras?

Well the beautiful Wikipedia planet above shows that Honduras is located in Central America, near El Salvador and Nicaragua. Most people there speak Spanish but also in minority, English is spoken. Due to the location, it has a history of American Indian establishments, notably the Mayan civilization and at some point there was a strong British influence, not quite sure sorry. But what strikes me most is that this country has an estimated 9 million population. I’m probably undereducated about the countries in the world, but that’s quite a lot of people for a country I’d never heard of.  But I’ll let you look for yourself.

Anyhow, I hope perhaps this post enlightened you, or made you laugh at my ignorance to other countries in the world. At least this very sexy picture of a dude driving his bulls down Tulunga road.

File:Talanga road Honduras.jpg