Makeup, Fakeup.


Right this is bad. I’m probably treading on really thin ground talking about this, but it’s always been something that’s confused me and quite honestly I don’t give a shit if you disagree, but do be a fine individual and explain to me why the fuck you’d disagree with me in the comments section. 🙂 Thank you.

Anyhow, ha, bit of an aggressive introduction but I come today to bring a topic that really is a little important to me, as it seems a bit of a weird thing. So to hell with it I’m going to jump right in. If you’re a girl and you’re reading this, try not to be offended when I refer to ‘you’, I mean in general, that’s just how I talk, I’m not actually specifically referring to you, the reader.

Why on earth do girls usually see a need to wear so much makeup? First of all, I’ll be frank, makeup is disgusting. It’s gross cosmetic shit that’s just stuffed full of chemicals that for some reason, is thought to be attractive when piled onto your face? Well it’s not, sorry. I don’t really understand why it’s seen to be a necessity that girls wear makeup before they go out. I live in a household where I am the only male, so I know firsthand the confusion of makeup, heck I’ve even been a little weird and put some on myself for the lulz. (Fuck, I didn’t say that) I’m not one to have a point of view and not consider the alternative reasoning for it. I understand that it could be a confidence thing, that girls aren’t happy with their natural appearance and believe they have to wear “natural” toned makeup (WTF?) to make themselves feel more beautiful. but it’s not REAL beauty, it’s not what you REALLY look like and it never will be, so why fake?

I see girls post all sorts of emotional trash, take the following for example.


This is an example of those fucking stupid tumblr ‘quotes’ accompanied by some hipster modified photograph trying to be sentimental in some way or another. This is the kinda thing I see girls online squee over and call cute, when fair enough, if it floats your boat, set to sea, do that shit. But REALLY? A man is to be honest if he is to be wanted, perhaps girls should be honest in the sense that when she presents herself in front of a man, she is too being honest in what she is showing him, not some fake explosion of makeup. I could even go so far as to say the picture above is flawed too, the girl is wearing nail polish, unless her finger has bled to perfection and finished off with some sort of glossy finish, those aren’t natural colours for fingers. A bit ridiculous and extreme, I said that more with the purpose of being a pompous twat than actual reasonable argument, but the idea still remains. Honesty applies to what you look like too. I’d be terrified if I were with someone and they looked pretty, then found out a day later, that behind the makeup, they look like a dogs dinner.

Okay… that’s perhaps not going to help with the confidence argument, but some are prettier than others and you should aim to be attractive in your personality, not what you look like. And trust me, turning up to meet someone 2 hours late because you were putting on makeup, doesn’t make your personality very appealing AT ALL.

Perhaps I’m being a bit unfair, I don’t know. But I seriously don’t understand why makeup is so important, sure to some it might just be a bit of fun, getting dolled up making yourself look different – if I were a girl I understand it’d be fun, but I wouldn’t treat it with the same seriousness I see my sister give, that’s not fun, that’s seeing makeup as a requirement when it’s just not. Being natural and presenting yourself as who you really are, even if it means walking outside without a drop of makeup on, makes you ten times more attractive than a plateful of powder. I know very well that it’s a girls choice to do what she wants with her appearance, I respect that, but it’s the twisted reasoning behind it that hurts me, because sometimes I think that girls do it because they think most guys want to see it, that’s probably not true.

I probably share the same views as a large majority of the male population, and the males that would disagree, well they’re likely the twats that girls seem to so keenly end up with, regardless of how often they fantasize about how they want an honest and loving man.

What do you think anyway? Please leave a comment in response to this entry and tell me what you think, and if you’re a girl please tell me why you wear makeup if you do, I want to keep an open mind on the matter. I’ll leave you with this fake and fugly picture of Lady Gaga that really is just gross. Apart from the obvious airbrushing, I don’t want to know the amount of shit that would be all over my finger if I accidentally touched her face – thank god there’s no chance of that happening!



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  1. I wear makeup i guess as a confidence thing, but also you like wouldnt go outside in your pj’s and slippers, i see makeup as almost a thing to look smart or whatever. i only wear a little makeup, rarely wear foundation, never worn lipstick of lip gloss, never worn false eyelashes, never worn fake nails (nor would i ever!) never worn blush, or anything like that. i just think i look a little better with wearing a touch of makeup.

    • I see, that makes sense I guess. You sound like a genuine person, so I’m sure you don’t need all that stuff anyway 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and reading my blog, it’s much appreciated. Have a smashing day!

  2. Hey, I’m a girl and yes I wear makeup to Prehaps whatwould seem like extreme lengthsat times. I love to experement with different techniques and styles but i can go out without makeup if I want, I dont always feel obliged to wear it. In most of my facebook pictures I wear makeup because its fun take pictures of my experementation. I also wear glasses and contacts, so when I dont wear makeup I wear my glasses. I dont actualy wear that much makeup but it seems more because of what I do use, however, when i wear my contacts, my face feels so much lighter if i have no makeup on, due to the lack of glasses weighing my face down, dso eyeliner, a coloured eyeshadow and a layer of mascara work fine. Its hard to explain if you’re not used to wearing glasses, because purelly trying someone elses on doesnt give you a sense of how different it is after years of wearing them. So basically, its not that I have to wear makeup, I feel fine without it, but although it sounds stupid it weighs my eyes down to the point of were I dont look like a rapist.
    Also, another thing, one of my eyes is slightly bigger than the other. When I have no makeup on, its really noticable, however, when I do wear makeup you can hardly tell. Its also really fun to manipulate your face to a point of where you dont look like yourself, it’s really fun.

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