The Countryside. :)


Woah Matt, what the actual fuck? The countryside, have you been taking something questionable? Well a decent answer to that would be, apart from a wonderful stroll through fields of outer Bicester, no!

In my discussion today, which to my displeasure have been notably less frequent than the past few, I will be having a little talk about the countryside, and how wonderful it is.

The other day myself and a few “home dogs” took a stroll around a ‘public footpath‘. After venturing deeper and deeper into forests and fields full of livestock, we found it to be a joyous experience of adventure and it satisfied curiosities whilst promoting it all the more. In other words, it was fantastic.

As much as some would disagree that walking through tons of puddles and mud that is nearing a foot deep is fun, in the company of my just-as-retarded (okay maybe not quite) friends, I thought the country side was nice. It was nice, it was pretty nice. So apart from the fact the countryside was nice, here is a high resolution image of my instagrammed sock at a focus of about 7mm.



About Matthew Hall

I am the Founder and Lead Programmer of Grey Method. I have been programming in various languages from a very young age and work full time as a Software Developer. I tend to work with and Sharepoint using C# but have gained knowledge in a plethora of fields in IT and hope to expand further.

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